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Check out Holiday closures and plan accordingly to meet your application deadlines.
Taking a year or two off before applying to grad school? You might want to look into opening a file now while you’re still a student for $20. This will allow you to add letters to your file at no extra cost after you graduate. If you have NOT opened a file AND plan on using services from the Career Center (including Letter Service) right after your graduation, see Alumni Advantage.

Letter Service Online


Potential and current Letter Service users should review current policies and procedures before attempting to use the Letter Service Online. This service can be of valuable assistance to you for these reasons:

  1. If you plan to apply to numerous institutions, this service allows writers to submit one letter that can be used to support multiple applications.
  2. You, your institutions and your letter writers will be assured of the confidentiality and prompt processing of your letters.
  3. If you plan to apply in the future but would like to ask for letters now, the Letter Service will keep your letters on file up to 5 years for grad/med/professional school applicants, and 10 years for educational careers candidates.

Online Workshop

Letters of Recommendation -
Strategies and Tips [9 min]

Do you need letters of recommendation, but don't know how to get them? Watch this workshop to learn how to get the best letters possible. This workshop features faculty advice on how to identify and approach letter writers.

Contacting the Letter Service

University of California, Berkeley
Career Center
The Letter Service
2440 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-4350
  Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:00 pm
(510) 642-1716 (phone)
(510) 642-4958 (fax)
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