Letter Service - Request History

After you have submitted your request online, you can check the status of your request on your Request History page. You will first need to select the type of request you wish to view: Mail Service, Email Service or Website Uploading Service.

Request history will reveal the progress of your request after submission; when you had submitted this request; when the Letter Service started to process it and when your request was completed.

NOTE: During our busy season, there may be a delay of 1-3 days before the status of a mailed request is changed from “In Process” to “Mailed”.


As soon as you submit your request, you can automatically go to your Request History page and select that request. By selecting that request, you can verify the recipient information as you had submitted it and the letters and/or forms you had selected. Once your request has been processed, you can also obtain the FedEx/ USPS tracking number if you had chosen to mail your letters by Express or Rush. Other information is automatically deleted from view once a request is processed to protect your privacy.

You must contact the institutions directly to confirm receipt of your letters. Please allow at least four working weeks for institutions to process your materials. If the institution has not received your letters, you can email the Letter Service to check on your request or you can pay and re-submit another request online.

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