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What happens to my Letter Service account after I graduate or if my Alumni Advantage membership expires?

Once you graduate, your Letter Service account becomes inactive unless you purchase an Alumni Advantage package. Purchasing Alumni Advantage includes one year of Letter Service account activity.

Below are some issues you may want to think about.

If you have an inactive Letter Service account, you can still login to access your account information, print waiver forms and have letters added to your file. You can also submit requests but at the higher One Time Send fees. If you are planning to apply to numerous institutions, you may want to join Alumni Advantage so you can instead pay the lower processing fees.

Soon after you graduate, you will no longer be able to Calnet into your account.  You should instead login as an Alumni. You will need to first create a password which will enable you to utilize the Alumni Login.  To do so, go to the Alumni Login page and select "Forgot Your Password" to create your password.

If you intend to continue to use your account, be sure to update your contact information -- especially your email address. You may do so by choosing Registration on the Main Menu page of your online file, and then selecting the link to update.

Letter files for graduate and professional school admission are maintained for 5 years, and letter files for academic employment are maintained for 10 years after your file is established. After the 5- or 10-year period, your file and letters will be purged. You can request that we re-establish your Letter Service file if you pay the current Alumni Advantage fee.

If I just signed-up for Alumni Advantage and received my CCID, why can't I login to Letter Service?

If you did not have a Letter Service account as a student, you will need to open a new file. Review the Policies & Procedures, and proceed to Open a New File.

After you’ve finished creating your account, you will access your file using the Alumni login.

What is a One-Time-Send and why would I want to use it?

If you have graduated or your Alumni Advantage membership has expired, you may continue to login and make requests by paying the increased costs associated with our One-Time-Send service. Read more about the One Time Send service.

How do I open a Letter Service account?

Please review the Policies & Procedures prior to starting the registration process.

For currently enrolled students, go to Open a New File, Calnet in to pay the $20 fee with a credit card and complete all steps of the Letter Service registration process.

For UC Alumni,  you must first purchase Alumni Advantage for $150 prior to opening a Letter Service file.  Then proceed to Open a New File and login as an alumni with your email address and password to complete all steps of the Letter Service registration process.

If you are a Postdoc or Visiting Scholar, follow the instructions here.

If you are on Filing Fee status, studying abroad or meet the other criteria listed on our Degree Verification page, review your possible options.

Does the Letter Service handle transcripts or Dean Recommendations?

The UC Berkeley Registrar's Office provides transcripts and Dean's appraisal letters or letters of good standing.

For transcripts, go to: http://registrar.berkeley.edu/Records/transcripts.html

For Dean’s appraisal or letters of good standing, go to: http://registrar.berkeley.edu/current_students/elecforms.html, select "Request for Dean's Appraisal or Letter of Good Standing" and follow the instructions.

Contact the Registrar’s office directly if you have any questions.

How much does it cost to use the Letter Service?

The initial set up/registration fee for a Letter Service online account is $20 for currently enrolled students and $150 for UC alumni.

One you graduate or if your Alumni Advantage membership expires, you have two options if you need to send out your letters:

  1. Make requests at the higher One-Time Send rates, or
  2. Reactivate your account by purchasing Alumni Advantage to continue making requests at the lower, student rate.

Letter Service request fees are based on whether your Letter Service account is active or inactive. Please look at our Fees page for costs, type of delivery and processing times.

Can I still login, add new letters & make requests after I’ve graduated or if I’m not registered?

You retain access to your Letter Service account after you graduate and can continue to login, have new letters received, and make requests. However, you will be charged the higher One Time Send Rates if you do not reactivate your account by purchasing Alumni Advantage. Your Letter Service account will be available online for at least 5 or 10 years after initial set up.

Always login at the Alumni login page if you are not currently registered, have graduated or recently purchased Alumni Advantage (including Early Bird).

How long will my Letter Service file be retained?

Graduate and professional school admission files are retained for 5 years, and academic employment files are retained for 10 years after they are established. After the 5- or 10-year period, your account and letters will be purged unless you pay the current Alumni Advantage fee to re-establish your file.

How do I deal with the Letter Service if I am outside the country?

Most services can be completed online through your Letter Service account. Online payments using a credit card are only accepted if the credit card billing address is in the US or Canada. If your credit card has a foreign billing address, you must then mail your payment by personal check, cashier's check or money order.

Another option is to have a friend or family member deal with the Letter Service on your behalf. You must provide them with your login information so they can handle transactions and make requests for you.

I graduate this May and want to use the Letter Service. Should I pay the $20 fee or the $150 Early Bird Alumni fee?

Students who graduate this May will lose access to Career Center services on May 31, 2017. If you just want to open a Letter Service account but don’t plan to apply to graduate school this summer/fall, pay $20 and register for the Letter Service by May 31st.  If you plan to apply to graduate school this summer or fall and/or want to continue to use other Career Center alumni services, you should instead pay $150 for our Early Bird Alumni Advantage. This will extend your access to Career Center services until July 1, 2018. Register for Early Bird Alumni. You must purchase Early Bird no later than June 30, 2017.