Letter Service - How to Check for Letters

Letters arriving at the Letter Service are posted in the order received. Login to your Letter Service Account and select "Letters" to view what letters are received and available.

If you don’t see your letter posted, check your account on a regular basis. As a general rule, when a new letter gets posted, you and your writer will receive an email notice from us, but you should always login to your account to confirm all information regarding letters. Make sure you follow up with your letter writer after they agree to write a letter of recommendation for you. As your deadline approaches, contact your writers to remind them. If they say the letter has been sent, be sure to ask when and how it was transported. Allow sufficient time for delivery and posting to your account.

Pending Waiver - If a letter does not have a completed date and the comment field indicates "pending waiver," that means we have not received a waiver statement for the letter designating it as confidential or non-confidential (more on waiver statements in the next section).


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