Letter Service - Before You Make Requests

Before you make requests, check your file expiration date. If your file is not current, you will be charged our higher, One-Time-Send fees.

Students: If you are registered for the current semester and are being charged One-Time-Send fees, please contact the Letter Service via email. If you are on Filing Fee, studying abroad or meet the other criteria for our Degree Verification option, you must complete that process before you can submit requests at the student rate.

Alumni: If you are an Alumnus and your file has expired, you will automatically be directed to the One-Time-Send (OTS) request page after you login. You may proceed to submit a OTS and pay the increased fees or choose to Reactivate your file.


The Letter Service offers three different delivery methods (Mail, Email or Website Uploading) for transmitting your letters of recommendation.

In order to utilize the Email or Website Uploading option, you must first confirm that the recipient institution/program is set up to accept your letters (PDFs) in that fashion and you have the information in hand necessary to complete the process. Go to Making Requests for the specifics attached to each delivery method.

In order to provide greater flexibility, each delivery method offers different options for speed of processing time and has a different fee associated with the transaction type:

  • BASIC: 3-5 business days (this option not available for Website Uploading)
  • EXPRESS: 2 business days, 10am deadline (M-F non-holiday periods)
  • RUSH: Same day, 10am deadline (M-F non-holiday periods)


Business days are 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday, with the exception of Holidays/closures as posted. Requests received after 5pm on a business day or anytime on weekends or holidays will begin processing on the next business day.

Example: Request received Friday at 5:30pm will begin processing on Monday.


All requests must be submitted online. No email, fax or phone requests accepted.

Prior to making a request, be sure to:

  1. Verify that the letters and approved matching forms are posted to your file. Login to view your list of letters. Letters and matching forms must have a "Completed Date" before you can select them.
  2. Have sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of your requests. Prepayment of request fees is required as the system will not allow you to make a request without sufficient funds to pay the applicable fees. You can either put in the exact amount to cover the total number of requests you anticipate making or you can deposit a lump sum, e.g. $100, into your account. Unused advance deposits can be refunded. See Fees for exact costs per type of request.

Payments can be made:

  • Online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover)
  • In person or by mail. Personal check, money order or cashier’s check payable to “UC Regents/Career Center”. Personal checks must be imprinted with your name or same family surname.

We do not accept cash or 3rd party checks.


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