Letter Service - AMCAS Matching Forms

If you're applying to medical school and plan to submit your letters directly to AMCAS, you'll need to complete the appropriate AMCAS Letter Request/Matching forms and forward them to the Letter Service. These AMCAS Letter Request forms are only available through your AMCAS application.

There are two options when submitting your letters to AMCAS:

Option 1

If you plan to send the same set of letters to every medical school, the easiest way to submit your letters to AMCAS is as a “Letter Packet”. If you choose this option, you only need to print out one AMCAS Letter Request/Matching Form.

Under the writer contact fields, enter the Letter Service information:
Letter Type: Letter Packet

First Name: Career Center   Last Name: Letter Service
University of California Berkeley
2440 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-4350
Phone: (510) 642-1716
Email: letter@berkeley.edu

Option 2

If you want to have the flexibility to submit different combinations of letters to different medical schools, you'll need to complete an AMCAS Letter Request/Matching Form for each individual letter writer. Each writer will then be entered as individual letters.

Under the writer contact fields, enter the individual writer’s information:
Letter Type: Individual Letter

Writer’s Full Name
Company Name
Company Address, Phone & E-mail

Once you've decided which option to pursue, fill out the form(s) accordingly and forward your forms to us by email (letter@berkeley.edu), fax (510) 642-4958, mail or drop them off at the Career Center.

These AMCAS forms will be posted on your LETTERS page where they will be listed as AMCAS Matching Forms. “Individual Letter” type forms will also include the writer’s name. 

Forwarding Letters to AMCAS