Law School - Traditionally Underrepresented Students

Law schools are attempting to increase their enrollments of students who traditionally have been underrepresented in the legal profession. In keeping with most law schools' desire to admit students who have a variety of backgrounds, accomplishments, skills, and experiences, law schools look at the "total applicant." They are interested in the educational, cultural, and economic setting in which the applicant developed and the conditions, e.g., having to work, under which the student prepared for law school.

Try these resources:

Preparation & Financial Support:

  • Sidley Prelaw Scholars Program -  This programs aims to increase diversity in law schools and, eventually in the legal profession by subsidizing LSAT prep and law school application expenses of diverse, high-performing college students who have difficulty paying the expenses associated with applying to law school. 
  • LevelBar - LevelBar supports scholars as fully as possible in their preparation for a jurisprudence degree.
  • ABA - Fund for Justice and Education - Provides students with financial assistance to attend law school. During his term as ABA President, William G. Paul, initiated the scholarship to encourage racially and ethnically diverse students to apply to and attend law school.
  • LSAC's Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS): Offers four-week programs that provide an intense focus on the skills required to succeed in law school, the law school admissions process, and a legal career. There is no cost to attend and participants receive a $1,000 stipend.

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