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Meng C.
Meng C.
PhD, Geophysics, May 2015
Most Recent Position: Geophysics analyst Intern, Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX
Previous Internship(s): Mechanical Engineer Intern, BP America, Inc. Houston, TX; Mechanical Engineer Intern, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Moss Landing, CA

What was your role at your most recent internship?

Computational data modeling and analysis Project management and qualification test supervision

How did you find your internship(s)?

On-campus Career Fair, online job search and post on company's website, LinkedIn

What advice do you have for international students looking for an internship?

  1. Strategy: Attend the career fair and information session: talk to people you are interested in and ask questions in order to know what the day-to-day job is, and better understand the business culture. Ask your friend who has a close connection with companies to refer you for interview and gala reception. Engage the person you are interested in and make connections through conferences, workshops, LinkedIn, and association/societies.
  2. Skills: Do what you like and do the thing that is most interesting to you. Be positive and have passion to achieve your dream. Focus on what you are doing, no matter what it is. All roads lead to Rome and be the expert. Don't give up and head into the end.
  3. Practical Experience: Do team projects and become the lead of the project. Leadership skill is always the company's preference. And hold a good team work spirit -- this will help your orientation to career. Do difficult work and challenge yourself. Because you never know how smart you are and how strong you can reach. HR always ask the question like when you are falling into trouble, how you can solve this problem. The best response is to provide your personal experience. Join a mentor-mentee program and engage in the field you are excited about. They will provide a lot of help and guidance.

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