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Aleksandrina S.
Aleksandrina S.
Bachelor's, EECS, May 2016
Most Recent Position: Software Engineer Intern, B-Stock Solutions, Redwood City, CA
Previous Internship(s): n/a

What was your role at your most recent internship?

My role at this internship was to create a monitoring web application as an internal tool to help everyone in the company track all the important variables on the websites that the company has.

How did you find your internship(s)?

I went to almost all Career Fairs last year. At one of them there was a company called Readyforce - similar to LinkedIn - that encouraged me to create a profile on their website and I did. A few weeks afterwards I was contacted by people from B-Stock Solutions and a few weeks later I had my first interview. Extremely helpful for my preparation were resume/cover letter tips from the Career Center handbook and the 45-minute appointment with the international student advisor at the Career Center.

What advice do you have for international students looking for an internship?

Never to give up. Despite all the obstacles in finding an internship we should always believe in ourselves and know our strengths.


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