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Aziz T.
Aziz T.
Master's, IEOR, May 2013
Current Position: Artistic Director, Arab Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
Previous Position(s): Creative Director, the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, Berkeley, CA

Please describe what you do in your current position.

I make promotional clips and trailers for the Arab Film Festival. I also help scheduling and curating the program. But this is my day job. What I also do is make movies: write, direct and produce my own films. I'm a filmmaker.

What strategies and resources did you use to find your current position?

Networking, networking & networking! No program or resource will help you as much as the contacts you make. In my case, I met the executive director of the festival at a networking event where I was a volunteer and we stayed in touch... Stories can be made anywhere!

What was your approach in discussing your student visa status with your employer?

I am on OPT which doesn't require any step from the employer. However, I asked him to sign a contract with me so I could leave the country and come back with no problem. I was just honest with him when I was hired but I haven't told him about petitioning for H-1B yet.

What are your top tips for international students looking for a full time job?

I would strongly recommend building a strong network of people willing to help. Go to as many networking events as possible in the field you're interested in and don't forget to be clean and professional: have a business card and a smile ready!


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