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What is Networking?

Fundamentally, networking is having a career conversation with someone for the purpose of exploring careers or job/internship search. That someone can be a friend of a friend, classmate, GSI, professor, a professional/Cal alum working in a company of interest, or even a fellow passenger on a plane. Having these conversations may not be natural for everyone, so the more you practice and have conversations with people, the more comfortable you will become with it.

Networking is an essential component to an effective job and internship search, whether you are looking in the US or overseas. It takes place in a variety of settings: one-on-one coffee chats, conferences, large networking events, professional association seminars, etc.

Why is it So Important?

  • By building your network of professionals, you begin to gain access to the hidden job market and this is crucial because most statistics indicate that anywhere from 60-80% of positions are not listed publicly
  • Finding out about opportunities through your network means you are accessing the position before the general public, which gives you an edge

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