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Use the Work Authorization filters of the Job Search and Fair Search pages of Handshake to identify employers who are willing to provide job visa sponsorship or accepting international students using work authorizations such as OPT and CPT. 

UC Berkeley International Student OPT Employment Reports

Sign in to Handshake to review the UC Berkeley International Students OPT Employment Reports (2017- 2021). This is NOT a list of companies that are currently hiring international students, but can be a good starting point for your self-direct job search. 


GoinGlobal is an online tool accessible through Handshake with an H-1B Info section where international students can search for US employers who have sponsored for H-1B employment visas. Information is gathered from the US Department of Labor and reflects data from the previous fiscal year (October – September). In addition, GoinGlobal has these additional helpful tools:

  • Country guides for those searching for employment overseas
  • USA/Canada city guides for those searching for employment in the US
  • Job and Internship search tool


Tips on maximizing use of H-1B Info section
  • The H-1B Info section allows you to search for H-1B sponsoring employers by metropolitan areas and states. It lists the company name as well as the number of petitions submitted.
  • To explore the specifics of the sponsored positions, click the H-1B Info link on the horizontal bar, then click on the H-1B PLUS search and enter the company’s name. Click on Details to find the job titles, occupation areas, and wages.
  • The advanced search allows you to search for companies:
    • in industries of your focus
    • that have sponsored for job titles of your interest


Other H-1B Databases:


H-1B Workshops at the Berkeley International Office

The Berkeley International Office offers the H-1B Employment Visa Workshop throughout the academic year. Take the initiative to learn as much as you can about the H-1B visa and other employment visa options through this workshop so you are familiar with the process and can communicate that to a potential employer.


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