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Bill Gates
Before attending Harvard University and long before Microsoft, 17-year-old Gates spent a summer as a congressional page. A budding entrepreneur, he sold outdated campaign buttons as collectors' items.


An internship is a wonderful and effective way to connect your academic experience with the professional work arena. It allows you to gain valuable exposure to the workplace, provides the opportunity for skill development, and gives you a competitive edge in the job search.

Getting Started

Develop Your Own Internship

When an "off the rack" internship just does not fit. This booklet offers the strategies and activities needed to research and develop your own internship position. It takes time and work but an internship that is specifically tailored to your own academic and career goals can be better than one that is "close enough."

Additional Resources


Advice from Employers About Internships

These Quick Clip videos are prepared from interviews with employers at our career fairs.
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