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Career Profiles and Guides

Vault Guides - Insider's information about careers in this area. Features include "Day in the Life" career profiles, employee reviews of careers and companies, and detailed information about key employers in the field. Available through Callisto. Be sure to check out the "International Careers" and "Careers in International Development" guidebooks.

InsideJobs - Provides descriptive profiles, insightful videos, and helpful career information for over 15,000 jobs in 10 different career families.

Finding an International Internship


Berkeley Language Teaching Consultants - A local educational consulting firm with free informational sessions on teaching English as a Second Language all over the world.

Directory of International Schools - Explore Global Schools. Information on starting, managing, supplying and teaching at international schools. Additional information on international schools including key information such as school size, curriculum, accreditation and enrollment.

eslSearch - has information about TEFL, including an overview of the TEFL job market, training options, and more.

French Ministry of Education Teaching Assistantships and North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain - If you speak French or Spanish (even slightly), you can apply to be one of the 1000-1500 Americans paid to teach for 6-9 months all over France or Spain, respectively.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) - Fully funded opportunities to teach anywhere in the world.

Go Overseas - Online source for finding teach abroad opportunities with reviews, photos, and job postings. 

Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program - The Japanese government pays university graduates to teach in Japan for a year.

Teach English in Asia - Information and jobs in countries such as Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea.

"This is How We Say "Hello!" - Teaching English as a Second Language in Asia" - Do your research and ask the right questions. Read this to help you prepare.

Translation & Interpretation

Masters/Certification Programs

Institute of Translation and Interpreting - Tip: Click on "Getting Started"

The American Association of Language Specialists

The Translator's Home Companion

Translate Media

Tourism & Hospitality - Comprehensive job information on: cruise lines, resorts and attractions, land tours, air transportation, and other tourism and hospitality industries.

Tourism & Hospitality Job Listing Sites - International opportunities


Federal Government - Opportunities to work abroad with any major/degree in areas such as: intelligence, foreign policy, economics, diplomacy, technology/engineering, translation and research.

US Agency for International Development (USAID)

US Department of State - Careers and internships in foreign affairs, and information about Cal's "Diplomat on Campus."


Research positions are great if you are interested in fields such as public policy, politics or international affairs. You will likely write papers and examine theoretical positions to gain new knowledge and understanding. Research centers or "think tanks" look at international issues such as development, world peace, global poverty and arms control.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Directory of Development Organizations (worldwide) including: international organizations, government ministries, private sector institutions, development agencies, research and training institutes, NGOs/PDOs, microfinance institutions, and development consulting firms. Searchable by geographical region and specific country.

Foundation Center - Searchable database of over 70,000 private and public foundations in the US.

NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks

World Policy Institute


International Business and Banking are tough fields to get into, MBA’s, graduate degrees, internships and starting with a US based international companies will help you break in.

Berkeley Programs for Study Abroad - Information on studying business or finance abroad.

Binational Chambers of Commerce - Contact information and links to foreign trade associations, on California Secretary of State's website.

Forbes magazine and Fortune magazine - Lists of top international companies and top 500 Global companies, respectively, including top multinational and foreign companies in the US.

GlobalEdge International Business Resource Desk - Huge directory of international business resources, maintained by Michigan State University.

Work, Travel & Live Abroad Resources

EscapeArtist: Overseas Living

iAgora: International Travel, Multilingual, Work, Study

Lonely Planet

Transitions Abroad: Work, Study, Travel, Live

Verge Magazine - Work Abroad

Country & Job Search Resources (Work Permits, Visas, International Resume)

CIA World Factbook - Country maps, geography, demographic, transportation and economic data.

GoinGlobal - Country specific career information guides and job search, including visa information, resume/cover letter, and cultural norms. Login to Callisto for access.

US Department of State: International Information Programs provides news, policy and information for countries around the world.

Student & Professional Organizations

Participating in these groups can be a valuable avenue for learning about an occupation or field. They are an excellent resource for networking, and their websites often have information about careers.

Cal Student Organizations

Student Organizations - List of UC Berkeley student organizations registered with Campus Life and Leadership.

Professional Organizations

A few of the major professional organizations include:

To find other professional associations, go to:

Internship Listing Sites

Internship Listing Sites - Websites, programs, and other resources for internships in this career area. For listings specifically for Cal students, visit Callisto - the official Career Center job and internship listing site.

Job Listing Sites

Job Listing Sites - Websites specializing in job listings for this particular career field. For listings specifically for Cal students, visit Callisto - the official Career Center job and internship listing site.


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