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*Appointments may be offered in person, through video, or over the phone. When you sign up, please check the location so you're prepared to connect with your counselor. You can login to Handshake to view your appointment and location.*

Listed below are options for appointments with Career CounselorsPeer Advisors, and other professionals in our office.  You can schedule an appointment online or take advantage of our many drop-in and mini appointment counseling options.

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Appointment Policy

Counseling appointments and Mock Interviews (seasonal) at the Career Center are in high demand, and the expectation is that you will show up on time, or cancel/reschedule in advance, to allow other students the option to book that time. It is professional courtesy to follow through on appointments scheduled, to be on time, and to cancel with plenty of notice if you are not able to attend.

The Career Center is implementing the following policies effective November 12, 2019 to enforce appropriate workplace and professional behavior.

You can cancel your appointment up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled time. If Handshake does not allow you to cancel online, you can call our reception desk at 510.642-1716. Please note, if the cancellation is within 1 hour of your appointment, you will be marked as a no show (as outlined below).

No Show Policy
You will be considered a no-show if any of the following occurs:

  • You fail to cancel your appointment more than 1 hour prior to the start of your scheduled appointment, or
  • You are more than 10 mins late (for a 30 mins appt or mock interview), or 5 mins late (for a 'same day mini')

Second No-Show
If you are marked as a no-show for a scheduled appointment with a staff member a second time, your ability to schedule appointments will be blocked for the remainder of the semester, and you will need to speak to a counseling manager before your privileges will be restored.

Late Policy
Please be on time to your appointment. If you are more than 10 mins late to your appointment (for a 30 mins appt or mock interview), or 5 mins late (for a ‘same day mini’), you will be marked as a no-show and asked to reschedule. *If you have called to let us know you are running late (prior to the end of the 10/5 mins grace period), you may still meet with the career counselor, but will only have the remaining portion of the time scheduled for your appointment. If you have not called to notify us that you will be late, you will be marked as a no-show and asked to reschedule. *Note: during the period of time we are meeting virtually, you will need to contact your counselor directly to communicate if you're running late.

The outside world does not operate on “Berkeley Time.” The Career Center is here to help prepare you for that world, and showing up on time for appointments is considered appropriate, conscientious and professional. If you schedule an appointment at the same time a class ends, you will most likely be late to the appointment. To prevent this, try scheduling the appointment when you know you do not have back-to-back commitments or communicate with your counselor ahead of time to determine if she/he is able to accommodate a later start time.


  • No-shows will be cleared on January 1 and August 1 and will not carry over to the next semester

  • A no-show is considered any appointment in which a student fails to attend without cancelling at least one hour prior to the appointment start time, or when the student is more than 10 mins late to their appointment (for a 30 mins appt or mock interview), or 5 mins late (for a 'same day mini').

  • By scheduling an appointment with our office, you agree to the policies outlines here.

  • There is a separate policy for no-show appointments for On Campus Interviews. You can refer to that policy here.

Drop-in and Same-Day Mini Appointment Options

Career Counseling Appointments (30 minutes)

Available to students beginning Spring semester of their freshmen year.  Fall-semester freshmen are welcome to utilize drop-in appointments and all of the resources available on our website.

In-depth questions about:

  • career readiness
  • career  & major exploration
  • internship & job search strategies
  • interview prep
  • graduate school (except pre-health professions)
  • LinkedIn assistance/profile reviews

In addition to meeting with a counslelor aligned with your major/college, we also offer specialized appointments for:

  • International Students
  • Students registered with our Disabled Students Program

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Sign up online

Pre-Health Advising Appointments (30 minutes)

In-depth questions about:

  • preparation and planning
  • application timeline
  • clinical experiences and research
  • mock interview

and more!! 

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Pre-Law Advising Appointments (30 minutes)

For students intersted in applying to law school, meet with a counselor to discuss timeline, personal statements, application strategies, and more.

Sign up online

Peace Corps Appointments (appointment length varies)

Speak with our local Peace Corps Representative to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Peace Corps and to address your questions about the application process. Appointments can be at the Career Center or the Peace Corps office in Downtown Oakland.

Kerry Carmichael
(510) 452-8455

More info about our Peace Corps rep

Teach for America

Speak with our local Teach for America representative to learn more about developing leadership skills in the fight against educational inequity through a full-time classroom teaching position. Juniors and Seniors welcome to apply.  To learn more, please email:

Lara Ferreira, Director of Recruitment



US State Department Diplomat in Residence

The Diplomat in Residence holds periodic office hours to consult with students considering a career with the U.S. Department of State.

To schedule a time to meet with the Diplomat in Residence, please visit the DIR Facebook page for the most up to date Office Hours:

You can schedule a virtual session with the Diplomat in Residence here:

You can also write directly to the DIR at