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Counseling - Frequently Asked Questions - General

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How do I get started looking for a job or internship?

The process of looking for an internship or job depends on your field of interest, your level of experience, and your specific goals. The Career Center’s Job & Internship Guide is a good place to start. We also offer additional resources and tips regarding internships and job search strategies on our website. You may also benefit from watching our helpful “quick clip” videos on the Career Center YouTube site. For those seeking more personalized assistance, we can help you develop an effective strategy for your search during an appointment or a drop-in session with a Peer Advisor. Lastly, we also offer a variety of career and internship fairs throughout the year, in addition to thousands of postings in Handshake.

I’ve heard the Career Center offers career assessments – which ones and how do I access them?

The Career Center offers helpful self-assessment resources and activities in the “Know Yourself” puzzle piece on our “Planning Your Future” webpage. If you would like to further discuss your interests, skills, values or personality style with a Career Counselor, schedule a Career Counseling Appointment. Career Counselors can also offer additional suggestions for career exploration tools and other assessment measures to help you in making a career or educational decision. Tang Center's Career Counseling Library also offers additional assessment tools including MyRoad and Eureka.

Where do I go if I want academic advising?

While the Career Center provides general career counseling related to choosing a major or career path, we are not qualified to provide detailed academic advising. The best place to go for course planning, questions about major/college requirements, and general academic advising is your college advising office, and/or your major advisor. If you are an undeclared student, visit an Advisor at the Letters & Science Undergraduate Advising Office.

I’m a pre-business student applying to Haas. Where can I go for advising and counseling services?

The Career Center provides general career counseling related to choosing a major or career path, assistance with your job/internship search process, and with the development of resumes and cover letters. However, please see an advisor at the College of Letters and Science for your academic advising needs. You can also meet with a Haas Pre-Admission Advisor for specific questions about your application and eligibility requirements.

What kinds of mock interviews does the Career Center offer?

The Career Center offers online mock interviews year-round. We also offer in-person mock interview appointments at some times of the year. More information.

I’m planning to apply to medical school - what are the pre-med requirements?

The Career Center website offers an extensive Medical School web section devoted to information and resources for pre-med students, including pre-med course requirementstips for gaining hands-on experience in the medical field, an overview of the application process, and much more! You can also schedule an appointment to talk with a pre-med counselor or health peer advisor if you have further questions.

What should I do if a medical school questions the Berkeley chemistry sequence?

For some schools, they will ask you on their secondary application how you have satisfied the medical school pre-requisites. Because the chemistry sequence is different at UC Berkeley than at other undergraduate institutions, check out the Berkeley Chemistry Sequence page to accurately list the chemistry sequence.

For the majority of allopathic medical schools, they are aware of the chemistry sequence at UC Berkeley and accept the sequence as fulfilling the 2 yr. chemistry requirement. Not all osteopathic medical schools may be aware of our sequence and will contact you about the chemistry sequence. If you are contacted by a medical school about the chemistry sequence, the Pre-Health Professions Advisor at the Career Center can forward a letter to that school, describing the chemistry sequence at Cal in more detail. Please see our chemistry sequence webpage for details about what to do if you experience this problem.