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Frequently Asked Questions - Appointments

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I need to change my appointment. How do I reschedule?

To reschedule, first login to Handshake, select appointments in the left hand navigation bar and cancel your existing appointment.  Students are able to cancel an appointment via Handshake four hours prior to their scheduled appointment.  If you need to cancel less than four hours prior to your appointment, you must call the Career Center to inform one of our administrative services team members. 

Can I schedule a same-day appointment?

You may schedule an appointment on the same day if open appointments are available.  During peak seasons, the general wait time for a 30 minute appointment may be up to two weeks, so we encourage you to plan ahead. However, you do have some options available for same-day direct services such as:

  1.  Drop-in hours, typically scheduled within the first 4-6 weeks of the semester between the hours of 12-4pm
  2. Take advantage of one of our many drop-in hour options.

Can I schedule a phone appointment online? (For students who don’t live in the area, but need to speak with a counselor.)

Only 30 minute counseling appointments may be scheduled as a phone appointment (Drop-ins must be in person).  Simply make your appointment through Handshake and in the Comment box, please type “Phone Appointment” so the counselor knows to expect your call.  At your scheduled time, call the Reception Desk at 510-642-1716 and they will connect you with your counselor.

I have a class that ends right at the time my appointment begins. Can I be a few minutes late?

We encourage you to schedule your appointments at times when you can be here from the start, however, if you expect that you will be running late, please let your counselor know in advance by noting it in the Comment box when you schedule.  If you only realize you will be running late after you’ve made the appointment, please call the Reception Desk (510) 642-1716 (M-F 9:00-5:00) and ask them to let your counselor know.  Note: Appointments cannot be extended and will end at the originally scheduled time.

No appointments are available or they're weeks away. What should I do?

Here are some options:

  1. Keep trying.  New appointment slots are added all the time as well as student cancellations.  
  2. You come in during drop-in hours, typically scheduled within the first 4-6 weeks of the semester between the hours of 12-4pm.   
  3. You can take advantage of drop-in hours with Peer Advisors or counselors held in satellite areas.

Can I make an appointment with a specific counselor?

Yes! When you go to make your appointment and have filled in all your information, any available appointment time, along with the corresponding counselor, will be listed.  If you are interested in seeing someone you have seen before, but don’t recall their name, you can see your appointment history in Handshake, after selecting appointments.  Appointment history is noted under 'Past Appointments'.  If the counselor’s name does not appear when you search, they currently do not have any available appointments and you will need to select another counselor, or try again at a later time.

Is there a limit to the number of appointments I can make?

There are no limits for the number of appointments you can make over the course of your time here at Cal. However, you may only have a single, ‘currently scheduled’ 30 minute appointment in the system at a time.  You may still utilize any of our drop-in appointments even if you have a currently scheduled 30 minute appointment.

I can't seem to make an appointment on my computer. What should I do?

Try another computer on campus or in your residence hall.  If you still experience difficulties, you can use the kiosks at the Career Center, 3rd floor reception area.