Veterinary School - Timeline

It is important to create a timeline for yourself when applying to veterinary school; but perhaps more importantly, your timeline should be flexible. Course scheduling, extra-curricular activities, deadline changes, etc. all contribute to the need of having flexibility in your timeline.

For specific application deadline dates, you should always check: VMCAS or VMSAR. It is always a good idea to apply early. Applying early can help you avoid delays, allow for timely processing and improve your chances of being admitted to schools using rolling admissions.


Prior to Applying


  • Gather Letters of Recommendation.
  • Open an Interfolio account to store the letters written for you.
  • Continue with your volunteer, work or research activities.
  • Prepare for the GRE or MCAT – Register and choose from several dates. AAVMC lists each school's requirements and the latest dates you should take the tests.
  • Attend various health professional school workshops, graduate school fairs, etc.
  • Consult Association of American Veterinary Medical Schools or VMSAR to confirm the most up to date school-specific requirements. The VMSAR is $21.95 plus shipping and handling. See the AAVMC website for details.
  • Order and collect official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities that you have attended.

April - October of the Application Cycle

  • Should be taking the GRE or MCAT or waiting for the release of your score from an earlier test. It is a good idea to take an earlier test dates and help avoid delays.
  • Confirm deadline dates for VMCAS and veterinary schools
  • VMCAS application is available in June. Begin to fill out application. Contact VMCAS directly for specific questions that are not found in their instruction manual
  • VMCAS is open for 5 months and applications can be submitted June through early October. Check VMCAS for school specific deadlines.
  • Continue to work, volunteer, etc.

August - December of the Application Cycle

  • Have letters of recommendation sent to VMCAS - check individual schools for specific criteria. Letters must be in by the deadline (early October)
  • VMCAS closes application early October.
  • Schools requiring supplemental applicants will let applicant know how to download application and when to submit
  • Have official transcripts sent directly to designated veterinary schools by their specific deadline
  • Submit GRE or MCAT to designate schools by their required deadline
  • Make an appointment for a Mock Interview

November – April of the Application Cycle

  • Schools requiring interviews generally interview from January through March.
  • Schools send out admission offers. Dates vary. Check each school for their dates.
  • Applicants must make final school decision (PDF) by April 15.

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