Veterinary School Preparation - Experience

The majority of veterinary schools have a minimum number of animal contact hours you must meet prior to applying. It is preferred that you obtain experience in different settings and are supervised by a Veterinarian, e.g. animal shelter or different veterinary clinics.

Most students are encouraged to do one or more of the following to gain exposure to veterinary medicine and the healthcare field.

  1. Shadow or observe a veterinarian.

Search for veterinarians through Veterinary related Professional Organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

  1. Join the Cal Pre-Vet Club and also here.
  2. Here are some animal-related organizations where students have gained experience in the past.
  1. Find a healthcare-related Internship:

Getting exposure to the veterinary profession can make you a competitive applicant and help you begin to identify what skills, values, and interests you enjoy in this profession.


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