General Pre-Veterinary School Course Requirements

Course requirements vary greatly between schools. It is most important that you research the schools you are interested for their pre-veterinary requirements. You can check VMCAS on the Association of American Medical School’s site or purchase the VMSAR for the most updated course requirements by school.

Although prerequisite requirements vary by school, following are some of the most common courses required. Again, it is important to check the requirements of each school you are considering at each school for which you plan to apply.


Course Subject # Semesters UC Berkeley course sequence most students use to fulfill requirements
General (Inorganic) Chemistry & Organic Chemistry Most schools require 2 semesters of general chemistry with lab and 2 semesters of organic chemistry with lab. Chem 1A/1AL, 1B, 3A/3AL, 3B/3BL
Biology/Zoology Most schools require 2 semesters with lab. Bio 1B, 1A/1AL
Physiology Some schools require 1 semester. MCB 136
IB 148 (Comparative Animal Physiology- must be part of Cal Pre-Vet Club for priority registration)
Animal Science Some schools require 1 semester. Not offered at UC Berkeley. Most students take a course suggested by their prospective Veterinary School.
Microbiology Most schools require 1 semester with lab. Some schools require 2. MCB C112/112L OR PH 162A/162L (1 semester)
MCB C103 OR MCB 116 OR IB 118 (if 2 semester required)
Biochemistry 1 semester MCB 102 
Chem 135
MCB C100A/Chem 130A
Physics 1-2 semesters Physics 8A, 8B
Physics 7A, 7B
Physics 7A, 8B
Genetics Some schools require 1 semester. IB 164
Mathematics/Statistics 1-2 semesters Math 16A, 16B
Math 1A, 1B
Math 1A, 16B
Math 1A, 1B, 53, 54
Math 1B, 53
Math 53, 54
Math 16A, Stat 2
Math 16A, Stat 131A
Math 16A, 16B, Stat 2 or Stat 131A
English 1-2 semesters Courses that satisfy the Reading and Composition requirement at Berkeley will fulfill veterinary school English coursework requirements for most veterinary schools. See a list of those courses. Save your course syllabi in case any veterinary schools express concern that you did not complete their English requirement.
Nutrition Most schools require 1 semester. NSTX 10 or NSTX 160
Speech/Public Speaking Most schools require 1 semester. College Writing 10A or 10B
Humanities, Social & Behavioral Science Most schools require 1 semester of an introductory course. Some schools require 2. Psych 1 (for majors)
Psych 2 (for non majors)
Sociol 1

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