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Is Pharmacy School For Me?

What do Pharmacists do?

Pharmacists are licensed doctoral health professionals who provide information about medication to consumers and professionals. As "Medication Experts," pharmacists are concerned with safeguarding the public’s health in matters relating to medication distribution and use and disease state management. Pharmacists play a vital role in improving patient care through the medicine and information they provide.

There are some PharmD programs that focus on Veterinary Pharmacy, as well.  

Here are some ways you can find out what pharmacists do:

  1. Learn more about the field: Find out whether a career as a pharmacist is for you.
  2. Do informational interviews: Talk to pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy faculty and pharmacy school representatives.
  3. Shadow Pharmacists, to ensure Pharmacy is the career for you. 
  4. Attend pharmacy schools’ Information days and campus tours.


Top 10 Tips for a Career in Pharmacy

  1. Major in the field which interests you the most, while showing good academic ability in science.
  2. Explore the field of pharmacy so you have an understanding about what a pharmacist does and the future of the pharmacy profession.
  3. Pursue extra-curricular activities which interest you.  Begin to develop interesting accomplishments which will make you attractive to the pharmacy admissions committee.  Leadership and communication skills are most important, particularly the ability to work with others of diverse interests and backgrounds.
  4. Keep your grades as high as possible.  An upward trend in grade performance will be noted, especially when you are trying to overcome a less than spectacular year.
  5. Be sure to develop relationships with people who can write you letters of recommendation.  Choose those individuals who know you and your work well, e.g. shared interest in academic and /or professional matters.
  6. Develop your ability to read, write and think.  Only part of pharmacy is science.
  7. Pursue an academic interest in depth, e.g., research.  Keep in mind that research need not be in a science laboratory.
  8. Make the most of your experience at Berkeley.  Make friends, do things and keep alert of opportunities.
  9. There are many paths to pharmacy school.  People of different backgrounds, experiences and ages, etc. all get there.
  10. Lastly, be sure to talk to as many as people as possible about the pharmacy profession (pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy school representatives) and keep current on pharmacy issues from researching the pharmacy profession.


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