General Pre-Optometry School Course Requirements

There are 23 optometry schools that utilize OptomCAS. You can see which schools in the Directory of Schools and Colleges. It is most important that you research the schools you are interested in for their pre-optometry requirements.

General requirements for all optometry schools include at least one year of Biology or Zoology, General Chemistry, General Physics, English and College Math. Check with the optometry schools to which you plan to apply to confirm their required courses. Some schools may have additional requirements. You can check OptomCAS for the most updated school and college prerequisites.


Course Subject # Semesters UC Berkeley course sequence most students use to fulfill requirements
General (Inorganic) Chemistry 2 semesters of general chemistry with lab Chem 1A/1AL, 1B
Organic Chemistry One semester Chem 3A
Biochemistry 1 semester of lecture (lab preferred) MCB 102 (or equivalent)
Biology Most schools require 2 semesters with lab Bio 1B, 1A/1AL
Immunology Some schools require 1 semester MCB 150
Human Anatomy 1 semester lecture (lab preferred)  IB 131/131L
Human Physiology 1 semester lecture (lab strongly preferred)  IB 132/132L
MCB 136/133L
Physics  2 semester w/lab Physics 8A, 8B 
Physics 7A, 7B 
Physics 7A, 8B
Microbiology 1 semester lecture (lab optional) MCB C112/L
Public Health 162A/L
Mathematics  1 semester Calculus and 1 semester Statistics Math 1A OR Math 16A 
Stat 2 OR Stat 131A OR Public Health 142
English 2 semesters Courses that satisfy the Reading and Composition requirement at Berkeley will fulfill the English coursework requirements for most optometry schools. Save your course syllabi in case any optometry schools express concern that you did not complete their English requirement.
Psychology 1 semester Psych 1
Psych 2

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