Interviewing for Health Professions

Mock Interviews & Tips

  • Individual Mock Interview: Currently registered students and eligible alumni may schedule a Pre-Health Advising Appointment for a mock interview. The exercise may vary from counselor to counselor but the point of the exercise is to provide you with honest feedback on your interviewing skills. Make sure you select an appointment for Pre-Health Advising, not a Drop-in Session at VLSB.
  • Practice using Big Interview
  • Interview Workshops: During the academic year, interview workshops are available for students to attend. Please sign up for Career Mail.
  • Interview Outfit: You may want to purchase a conservative suit for your interview, if you do not already have one in possession. Conservative suits are dark in color and are not matched with a flamboyant colored accessory. Also, practice wearing your outfit for extended periods of time because you could potentially be wearing this outfit from as early as 7:00 am or 8:00 am until 5:00 or 6:00 pm. Visible tattoos, multiple earrings, unruly hair, etc. should be given attention on the day of your interview.

Interview Etiquette

  • Be Polite: You are interviewing until the very moment you leave the professional school. Remember to be polite and courteous to everyone you meet on your interview day.
  • Thank You: Obviously, applicants should always say “thank you,” especially if receiving wonderful help from admissions staff, interviewers or students. Check with the admissions office before leaving to find out if thank you notes are welcome.
  • Cell Phones: Turn off during your interview day. Even if your phone is on vibrate, that can distract the interviewer and give a negative impression of you. Let your voicemail pick-up your missed calls.
  • Read: Review the school's information because many of your questions will be answered in their publications. This can avoid any embarrassing moments during an interview.
  • Rules: Understand that each school has their own way of doing business. Some may prefer email communication while others prefer phone or postal service. Keep all information regarding your application and interview available in case there happens to be a miscommunication.
  • Do Not Harass: Once a decision has been made by the admissions committee and the applicant has been notified, that is the final decision. The decision cannot be overturned by the Dean or any admissions staff. If you are waitlisted, do not make daily or weekly contact with the school, asking about your chances of being taken off the waitlist. Before ending your interview day, you should check with the admissions office to find out what and how to forward any updates of information for your application.


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