Addressing questions regarding Pre-Health during the Pandemic

The Career Center is currently operating virtually and will return in person on August 9, 2021.  Until Aug 9th, student services, including counseling appointments, are available between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (email, Phone, and Zoom).  Handshake is the primary portal for students and employers. Pre-Health students can send messages regarding questions or issues to or directly to their counselor's email.


Below are answers to some common questions students may have about academics and activities during the pandemic. 

Where can I find the most up to date information on how health professional schools will view academics and activities during the pandemic semesters?

For updates and answers to your questions please check these sites:

Medical Schools

AMCAS (MD applicants)
AMCAS Application Cylce FAQs

AACOMAS (DO applicants)

TMDSAS (Texas applicants)


US Medical School Pass/No Pass Pandemic Policy (fluid document; check frequently for updates)



US Dental Schools P/NP Policies (fluid document; check frequently for updates)





US Optometry Schools P/NP Policies (fluid document; check frequently for updates)




US Veterinary Schools P/NP Policies (fluid document; check frequently for updates)



PHARMCAS updates for CAS applicants


Physician Assistant



US PA Schools P/NP Policies (fluid document; check frequently for updates)

Resources for a wide range of health professions 

NAAHP (National Association for Advisors of Health Professions)

How will medical schools evaluate a P/NP for a science prerequisite taken during the pandemic semesters?


Taking P/NP grades during the pandemic semesters (spring 2020, summer 2020, fall 2020, spring 2021) was an option during that time as many medical schools were willing to take P/NP grades for coursework completed during the pandemic. Taking P/NP grades, especially during spring and summer 2020, due to the quick transition from teaching in the classroom to remote teaching was well accepted by most medical schools. It may be looked on less favorably for fall 2020 and spring 2021. We strongly encourage students to take grades in the science prerequisites, particularly for CHEM 1A/AL, CHEM 3A/AL, 3B/BL, MCB 102, Bio 1A/AL, Bio 1B, Physics 8A, and 8B. However, considering each individual's personal circumstances, we understand that students made informed choices, and support students who chose to take P/NP.


Policies are posted on medical school websites and you should always refer to each school's website directly for their information.


For the next several years medical schools may have a question included in their secondaries about how the effects of having to transition to remote learning affected your life, in which you can share your narrative on how it affected you and why you chose to take P/NP grades if you made that choice.