Graduate School - Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for graduate school. Most graduate students finance their education through a combination of funding sources.

Types of Funding

  • Assistantships are usually campus-affiliated work assignments (e.g. graduate teaching instructor, research associate) that provide an individual a stipend and often waive tuition and/or other matriculation fees.
  • Fellowships are typically granted to individuals to cover their living expenses while they carry out research or work on a project. Awards may be single or multiple-year. Awards are usually based on an individual's merit as measured by grades, GRE scores, publications, and letters of recommendation.
  • Grants are most often awarded to cover expenses associated with carrying out research or other specific projects, such as travel, materials, or computers.
  • Loans are available from the government and other private sources.
  • Scholarship awards are based on one or more of several criteria - merit, financial need, discipline of study, career goals or membership within a minority group.


International Student Financial Aid

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