Getting Started...Career Planning Essentials

The Career Center provides students with opportunities to attain three key elements of career /Plantest/clarityCompetitivenessConnections readiness and success:

  • Career Clarity -- knowing your future academic, career, or other direction
  • Career Connections -- engaging with alumni and employers

  • Career Competitiveness -- enhancing your marketability 

Which of these essentials do you have? Which do you need?  Review the following to find out. 

⇒ Do you feel clear about your career,
    academic, or other post-graduate plans?
⇒ Do you know which interests, skills, and other criteria you want satisfied by your next move?
⇒ Have you researched your career, education or other options in depth?   
        Were any of your answers "no"?  Become clear here.                                         

⇒ Do you have contacts in your interest areas from whom you can seek information?
⇒ Are you comfortable reaching out to others and know how to solicit their ideas and advice?
         Were any of your answers "no"?  Get more connected.

⇒ Do you know which knowledge, skills and other qualifications you need to reach your goal?
⇒ Are you confident in your job search strategy, self-marketing tools and interviewing skills? 
         Were any of your answers "no"?  Become more competitive.


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