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Career Fairs

Attention Employers: This page is intended for students.  View employer fairs page >> 

Career Fairs and Forums - Meet with employers in a virtual setting and learn more about job and internship opportunities offered by companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations where you might like to work. Some employers and fairs are focused on students from specific colleges or majors, but many are interested in Cal students from any major.

Eligibility - Only registered UC Berkeley students and eligible alumni are able to use the services of the Career Center, including participating in Career Fairs/Forums.  UC Berkeley Extension students are NOT permitted.  .  

For full details, including the online directory of this year’s attendees, login to HandshakeStudent registration opens 1 week prior to each fair.  Employer information is updated up to the day of the fair - be sure to check frequently.  You can also view past directories to see who came to previous fairs.

Spring 2022 Fairs & Forums

STEM Career Fair
February 9, 12-5pm

STEM Internship Fair

February 10, 12-5pm
Business & Non-Tech Career Fair February 16, 12-4pm
Business & Non-Tech Internship Fair
February 17, 12-4pm
Public Service, Environment, & Nonprofit Career Fair March 2, 12-3pm
Environmental Design (CED) Career Fair March 3, 12-4pm
Community Inclusion Career & Internship Fair March 9, 1-5pm
Summer Internship & Career Fair - Day 1: Virtual Day April 13, 1-5pm (tentative)
Summer Internship & Career Fair - Day 2: In-Person Day April 14, 1-5pm (tentative)


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