Externship Program for Sponsors - Former Sponsors' Comments

Sponsors Speak!

"As an alum, I cannot tell you how impressed I was at the [externs'] maturity, commitment, ethics, compassion and curiosity...They each have a real commitment to science and I am sure that this experience will help them reflect as they go along and make choices about later careers...It was so gratifying to know it was so helpful to the students!"

Medical Oncologist & Medical Director, Wilshire Oncology Medical Group & Cancer Center

"This externship is an excellent idea. It is something I wish that we had at Cal when I attended. The greatest value is the fact that the extern and I had made a connection that has the opportunity to turn into longer term relationship."

CEO, Datapool Systems

"The students placed with us were excellent! Both were engaged and excited to be here. In addition, they were willing to help out whenever we needed them, and they had a chance to work on projects that touched all the different parts of our North American business. The students were both wonderful! We miss our externs!"

Operations Manager, A.S.K. Learning

"The extern was just terrific. He was a quick learner and showed real interest in the diverse activities of a lobbyist. I think he was able to get a feel for life in politics and at the Capitol. My whole staff was really impressed."

Legislative Advocate, HR Dowden and Associates

"A highlight for me is understanding what a student is going through which helps get me in touch with my own development process from my college days. The ability to describe the activities that I am doing while I am doing them is also a worthwhile challenge."

Partnering Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard Services

"I loved it! I tried to give each student a varied experience with a broad range of exposure to the various facets of my career."

Public Defender, Contra Costa Public Defender's Office

"[The student] was very easy to get along with and asked excellent and insightful questions. I brought her to a rehearsal with me and she followed up with a beautiful letter about her observations."


"I really thought this was a great fit for the extern and me. We rolled up our sleeves on the first day. She came to meetings that exemplified the work we do and how we plan programs and collaborate with individuals and groups in the community. The extern helped me prepare a quarterly funding report, which was very helpful to my very busy schedule. I also think I was able to provide adequate one-on-one time with her to address her questions. She was very enthusiastic about helping me and our health center in the short period of time she was there."

Barbara Raboy, Director, Daly City Youth Health Center

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