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PhD Externship Program for Sponsors

Special Invitation to MAs/PhDs working in the Business, Government, and Nonprofit Sectors

We invite you to participate in the Career Center's first PhD Externship Program where Berkeley grad students and postdocs explore their career direction by shadowing advanced degree holders in the workplace.

By participating, you can

  • Assist a Cal PhD student/postdoc with their career development
  • Share your expertise and knowledge about work and careers
  • Form connections with the current Cal Community
  • Build relationships with students/postdocs who may someday be employees or colleagues​​  

Apply to be a sponsor >>

Some details about PhD Externships

  • Take place from Nov 14- December 15, 2017; view detailed timeline 
  • Typically last from one to two days
  • Participants observe the day-to-day activities of the host sponsors
  • Sponsors discuss their career fields and trajectories with the externs
  • Participants may provide very limited assistance with projects or tasks to help acquaint them with the organization
  • Participants are responsible for their own housing and travel arrangements
  • Participants do not receive academic credit or pay

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Externships By the Numbers (Undergraduate Program)

Over 4,000 ...students who have externed
94% ...students who found the externship experience to have a dynamic impact on their future career plans
69% ...externs received leads for internships or employment
95% ...sponsors who said they would be willing to host an extern again
2600+ ...participating sponsors who have made the Externship Program what it is today
17 ...years the Externship Program has been connecting Cal students and alumni