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Career Field - Environment

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Employers That Hire Entry Level Environmentalists
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Career Profiles and Guides

Environmental Websites and Directories

  • GreenBiz - Comprehensive resource center on business and the environment.
  • Ecology Center Searchable directory of businesses and organizations that offer information or services related to environmental topics.
  • Sustainable Business - News, directories, databases and listservs clearly organized into categories such as development, education, ecotourism, green building and social investing, as well as general sustainability references.
  • The Green Economy Resource Guide - Provides an overview of the various environmental sectors and occupations.
  • Tree Hugger - Newsletters, forums, green living guides and job postings for eco-friendly transportation, science, technology, architecture, design, culture, travel, food, business, fashion and beauty.

Employers That Hire Entry Level Environmentalists
The employers below periodically hire entry-level professionals. They are not necessarily hiring at this time. Check their websites for current hiring needs.

  • California Public Utilities Commission - Regulates energy and water suppliers. Periodically hires Regulatory Analysts I's.
  • California State Parks - Periodic hiring for State Park Ranger Cadet. After completion of 6 months training, advance to State Park Ranger. Anticipating numerous retirements in the near future.
  • Ramboll - National scientific and technical consulting firm that provides chemical risk assessment, environmental risk management and engineering services. Recruits in the environmental, engineering and health science (toxicology and life science) areas.
  • Environmental Protection Agency Region 9, San Francisco - Federal agency that protects public health and the environment. Hires environmental scientists, environmental protection specialists, environmental engineers, community relations specialists, life scientists, toxicologists, and chemists.

Student & Professional Organizations

Participating in these groups can be a valuable avenue for learning about an occupation or field. They are an excellent resource for networking, and their websites often have information about careers.

Cal Student Organizations
Student organizations related to this field include:

Other Student Organizations List of UC Berkeley student organizations registered with The LEAD Center

Professional Organizations
A few of the major professional organizations include:

To find other professional associations, go to:


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