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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6/22/22

This page was created to help employers navigate the UC Berkeley recruiting landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic and transition back to in-person recruiting. Please contact the Employer Relations team for additional questions and support.

Current Campus & Career Center Information:

  • Classes begin August 24 for the fall semester; we ask that you do not host any on-campus events until after this date;
  • The Career Center will offer a hybrid recruiting model where some events will be on-campus and some virtual;
  • Face coverings are still strongly recommended indoors but not required; optional outdoors;
  • On-campus events will be allowed although serving food and drinks are not recommended.  Venues are responsible for following campus and City of Berkeley guidelines; 
  • Stay up to date via the campus COVID-19 web site.

Recruiting Resources:

Immediate Recruiting Needs

Fall 2022 Employer Services & Programming

The information below is subject to change based on campus guidance, public health guidelines, and general availability.

Fall 2022 Career Center Employer Services:

If you have additional questions, please contact Employer Relations.