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Employer Services - Return to Campus Information

Last Updated: Friday, 11/19/2021

This page was created to help employers navigate the UC Berkeley recruiting landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic and transition back to in-person recruiting. Please contact the Employer Relations team for additional questions and support.

Current Campus & Career Center Information:

  • The majority of students returned to campus this fall.  In-person classes are planned for Spring regardless of class size;
  • Face coverings are required indoors and recommended outdoors;
  • On-campus events will be allowed.  Venues are responsible for adhering to campus and City of Berkeley guidelines; 
  • Keep updated via the campus COVID-19 web site.

Recruiting Resources:

Immediate Recruiting Needs

Spring 2022 Employer Services & Programming

The Career Center is currently open in-person Monday-Thursday and operating virtually on Fridays. The majority of our events and services will remain virtual for spring. The information below is subject to change based on campus guidance, public health guidelines, and general availability.

Spring 2022 Career Center Employer Services:

If you have additional questions, please contact Employer Relations.