On-Campus Recruiting: Student FAQ's


What is On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)

Each year over 300 employers, primarily from business and industry, visit campus to interview UC Berkeley students and alumni for full-time positions and paid internships. Interviews occur from mid September through mid November for the Fall semester and late January through mid April for the Spring semester.  Resume submission opens in August.

What types of jobs will I find through OCR and how do I find them?

All employers are eligible to participate in the OCR program as long as they have full-time positions and paid internships to offer. However, most of the jobs you'll find will be in the areas of finance, accounting, consulting, sales/marketing, and engineering/high tech.  From your Handshake dashboard, go to Jobs and Internships/On-Campus Interviews.

I'm studying abroad next semester. May I still participate in OCR?

If you are studying abroad next semester and have filed for Planned Leave of Absence status, you are eligible to access Career Center services, including Handshake.

If you unable to login using your CalNet ID, you can still access Career Center services by utilizing our Degree Verification registration process. This will generate a CCID# that you will use to login through the Alumni login rather than the CalNet login.

Detailed instructions can be found here: Eligibility Policy.

However, you will need to be explicit in all your application materials about your current student status and availability to avoid any confusion by employers. Clearly state your Study Abroad status at the top of your resume and in your cover letters (if required), including your location, dates of study, and any special contact information during that time. Also make sure that you have an international phone number.

While you will be able to submit your resumes to employers who will be interviewing on campus, we don't expect you to appear in Berkeley for an interview. Therefore, you are not to sign up for any campus interviews during this time. If an employer is interested in your qualifications, it will be their responsibility to arrange an alternative and mutually convenient interview with you directly.

Before you leave campus, you may want to meet with a Career Center counselor to discuss job search strategies while you are overseas.

What is the difference between a preselect and open schedule?

On a preslect schedule, you must submit a resume to be considered for an interview.  On an open schedule, if you meet the employer's job qualifications, you can sign up directly for an interview.


How do I submit an unofficial transcript?

You cannot submit a transcript electronically through Handshake.  You can find and download your grade report in Cal Central.  Note that the employer may at some point ask for a paper copy of your transcript, which you can also order through Cal Central.

The job requires that I submit an "other document." What is that?

Employers may require that you submit information in addition to a resume, cover letter, and transcript.  The Apply Now section of the job on Handshake will specify what you should submit, e.g. references, writing sample, an application.  If you cannot find this information, notify the Recruiting Office at 510-642-0464 or recruit@berkeley.edu and we will follow up with the employer.

I submitted my resume for a job, but now want to update it. How do I do that?

Go to the Documents/Edit Document section of Handshake to update your resume.  The updated resume will replace what you previously submitted.

I accidentally deleted my resume. Do I have to re-submit it to the job?

Deleting a document will only remove it from the documents section of Handshake.  It will not be deleted from any previous submissions.

I don't meet all of the stated qualifications. Can I still apply?

The employer screens by major, degree level, GPA, and work authorization.  If you do not meet all of the qualifications, you may still apply, but your application will appear in the Not Fully Qualifiied list of applications.  Employers my still select you for interviews.

Can I submit a resume after the apply end date has passed?

If the apply end date of the job has passed, you can submit your application materials directly to the employer if contact information is provided in the job description. If not, try checking the Events section of Handshake to find out if the employer is attending a career fair or hosting an information session.  If the employer wants to interview you, they can easily add your name to their invite list.

If these options don't result in an interview, you can contact the Recruiting Office at 510-642-0464 or send email to recruit@berkeley.edu after the employer's OCR visit to request the Recruiter's business card information. Send your resume and a cover letter detailing your interest in the company and their positions. Refer to our Resume & Letter Writing resources.


How will I know that I have been invited for an interview? How do I sign up?

Make sure that your Notification preferences are set so that you receive an email when you are invited to interview.  You'll find Notifications on the top right hand side of the page.  If you are invited, you will see "primary" listed on your application in the Applications tab.  Click on the link to take a slot.

My application tab shows as primary, but I can't sign up. Why?

When you've been invited, be sure to note the dates of the sign-up period. In some cases, you may have to wait a day or two before the sign-ups are open and you can select a time slot.  If the sign-up period has closed, contact the Recruiting Office at 510-642-0464 to see if any slots are still available.

I've been invited, but missed sign-ups. Can I still interview?

You must call the Recruiting Office at 510-642-0464 to check for openings.  You may have lost your slot to an alternate candidate.

I've been invited more than once on the same schedule. How do I sign up for the second interview?

Handshake only allows you to sign up once on a schedule.  If you have been invited more than once on a schedule, contact the Recruiting Office at 510-642-0464 or recruit@berkeley.edu and we will sign you up.

What do I do if I'm selected as an alternate candidate?

Employers may select you as an alternate for some interviews (in other words, you are on a waiting list). In this case, your status on the Applications page will show as Alternate.   As an alternate, you can try to sign up for an interview during the online alternate sign-up period, but only if there are still interview slots available.

If you are an alternate and cannot schedule an interview online, don't give up!  Call the Recruiting Office 510-642-0464 after the sign-up deadline and we will check for cancellations. You can also call the Recruiting Receptionist on the interview day at (510) 642-6379 to check for same day cancellations. Identify yourself as an alternate and have the company name and job title ready.  If you are not able to secure an interview, you can ask for the Recruiter's contact information (if it was provided) and follow up directly.

How do I change my interview time or cancel my interview?

Go to Applications and click on the interview title.  To change your time, click the leave slot button next to your name, find another time, and click the take slot button.  To cancel an interview, click the leave slot button.  If the deadline has passed, you'll need to contact the Recruiting Office at 510-642-0464 or recruit@berkeley.edu.  If there is an emergency and you must cancel on the interview date, call the Interview Receptionist directly at 510-642-6379.

Refer to the Interview Cancellation Policy for penalty information if you are cancelling with less then 2 business days' notice.

How do I swap interview slots if there are no openings available ?

When a student submits a swap request, an email is sent to the person holding the slot. Student information is always kept anonymous. If the student receiving the request accepts, they will be asked to choose from the available slots plus the slot of the student requesting the swap.

Once they choose a new slot, the swap is executed. Other swap requests by the student requesting the swap are cancelled and the students are put into their new slots.

How should I dress for my interview?

First, check the job description as the employer may provide the information there.  You can also find out what is appropriate by researching the industry and company, or asking a representative at a campus event such as a career fair or information session. However, if you are not sure, always err on the side of caution and dress professionally. The Career Center provides suggestions for professional and business casual interview attire.

How soon can I expect to hear from the employer about my interview status?

Employers are not required to contact those candidates who didn't make the cut. Generally, however, you'll be notified within 1-2 weeks after your interview, or according to the timeframe identified by the employer. It is appropriate to email the Interviewer after this time to check on your status. Include your resume and ask for a specific time when you will be notified for a 2nd round interview. If you do not have the Interviewer's contact information, email the Recruiting Office at recruit@berkeley.edu and we'll give it to you if it was provided at the time of the interview

If I get a job offer, how long do I have to make a decision?

Review our detailed Job Offer Guidelines for more information. If you are accepting an offer, you should immediately withdraw from the interviewing process with other employers.  If you do not, you could lose access to Career Center services.