On-Campus Recruiting: Frequently Asked Questions


How are the various deadlines decided and how do I find out what my deadlines are?

Below is a chart that shows the default dates for on-campus interviews:

At least 45 days before your campus date Enter Jobs.
45 days before your campus date. Resume submission begins.
17 days before your campus date. Resume submission ends.
10 days before your campus date. Your selection process begins.
8 days before your campus date. Preselect sign-up period begins.
4 days before your campus date. Alternate sign-up period begins.
4 days before your campus date. Sign-ups end and schedule closes on-line.
To view your timeline, log in to Handshake and go to Campus/Interviews.  On the next page, click on the interview date, and note the timeline on the left hand side of the page.  If you wish to customize these dates to coincide with other campus activities, e.g. your information session or a career fair, contact Employer Relations at 510-642-0464 or ocr@berkeley.edu.

Posting Jobs

What criteria are used to screen students during the resume submission period?

There are 4 potential options to screen students: 

  1. For jobs located in the United States: Eligibility for international students (non-US citizens or permanent residents)
  2. Student Graduation Date Range OR School Year
  3. Student Minimum GPA
  4. Student Majors

When you are reviewing applicants you will see two groups of candidates: Fully Qualified and Not Fully Qualified.  Students who meet all of the preferences above will appear in your Fully Qualified Applicants pool. Students outside of the preferences you set above will appear in your Not Fully Qualified applicant pool.  We encourage your to review all candidates.

How do I know which majors to select?

We suggest that you be as inclusive as possible and select a range of comparable majors.  You can select specific majors, such as Business or Computer Science, or a major group, such as Engineering, which will include a broad array of majors such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering.

How do I attach multiple positions?

There is no limit to the number of positions you can attach to your schedule, but can only attach one position at a time.  Log in to Handshake and go to campus/interviews.  On the next page, find your on-campus interview date and click on the attach a job button.  Follow the instructions on the next page, save your action, and repeat this process your each job you need to attach.

Selecting Students for Interviews

For students who are not Fully Qualified, how do I know what they are missing?

From the Applicants page in Handshake, sort the list of candidates by Does Not Match All Preferences.  Hover your mouse over the Preferences column next to a students name to find out what preferences they are missing.

How do I email my interview candidates?

First, select your primary and alternate candidates.  Then read this Handshake article on how to download candidate information.  Once the details are downloaded into a CSV file, you can capture the emails and send a mass email from your desktop.

Can I interview certain students in a specific room?

You can group students together into a certain room, or assign them to specific timeslots.  Read this Handshake article on how to group students or contact Employer Relations at 510-642-0464 or ocr@berkeley.edu.

How do I change the schedule set-up once I've made my selections?

If you need to change the interview length, start/end times, number of schedules, or number of interviews, you'll need to contact the Employer Relations Office at 510-642-0464 or ocr@berkeley.edu.

Can I interview candidates who did not apply via Handshake?

Yes.  If they are current UC Berkeley students or Alumni Advantage members, you can search for their names in the Handshake database and apply them to the job, then invite them to interview.  Many employers meet students at career fairs, information sessions or other campus events.  From the Applicants page in Handshake, select Add an Applicant, enter the student's name, and hit the apply button.  Then select the student as a primary or alternate candidate.

On the Interview Day

Where do I check in for interviews?

Interviews occur at the Career Center, 2440 Bancroft Way, 2nd Floor, in Berkeley (across from Eshleman Hall).  Check in on the 2nd floor in Room 200.  The Career Center sends a logistics email about a week prior to the interview date to the primary contact listed in Handshake.

Where can I find directions to the Career Center and where do I park?

You'll find directions to the Career Center and parking information in the Travel to Berkeley section of our web site.  We are unable to provide free, secured parking.  You must use City of Berkeley public parking losts.

Where do I ship recruiting materials?

Ship materials to be distributed on the interview date to:

Career Center
Attn: Employer Relations
University of California, Berkeley
2440 Bancroft Way, Suite 204
Berkeley, CA 94720-4350

Write your company name, interview date, and "Hold for Interviewers" on all boxes.

How do I get a copy of my schedule and resumes?

You should print your schedule and resumes from Handshake prior to the interview date.  From your Handshake dashboard, select the correct interview schedule.  On the next page, select the Build Interview Packet button.  Career Center staff will provide a final copy of your schedule on the interview date to reflect any last minute changes, but employers are responsible for printing resumes.

Whom do I contact if I'm running late?

Call the Recruiting Receptionist on the interview day at 510-642-6379 between 8:00am and 5:00pm.  If the line is busy, call Employer Relations at 510-642-0464.

Does the Career Center provide lunch?

No, but we do provide coffee, tea, water, and light snacks.  Refer to the Lunch Options section of our website for local eateries.  This list includes catering options for delivery to the Career Center.