Successful Recruiting Strategies

New to Recruiting at Berkeley?

  • Start by creating your Handshake account – Handshake is the system we use to manage recruiting activities on campus such as job and internship listings, career fairs, and OCR
  • Learn more about Berkeley students

For Immediate Hiring Needs

For Projected Hiring Needs

Review the Academic and Recruiting Calendar
  • Plan the timing of your recruiting activities around key campus dates and events. Start early
  • Are you familiar with typical recruiting timelines of companies in your industry?  If not, contact us so we can advise you
Participate in Career Fairs
  • Meet students face-to-face who may meet your qualifications
  • Build a positive brand on campus through this expanded campus visibility
  • Bring recent alumni back to campus
Participate in On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)
  • Receive resumes from top motivated students
  • Conveniently conduct first-round interviews on campus
Host an Information Session
  • Promote your organization and meet prospective candidates
  • Plan the timing of your info session to occur before your resume submission deadline
  • If your company is new to recruiting at Berkeley, information sessions should not be your sole recruiting strategy

Gain a Competitive Edge through Consistent & Expanded Campus Engagement

It could take up to 3 years of consistent engagement activities on campus to build brand recognition and a strong positive reputation with students. An inconsistent presence can bring you back to square one or even damage your brand.

  • Develop a "pipeline" strategy based upon early identification programs (e.g., leadership programs, internships) and conversions
  • Engage in a range of campus activities that can improve your brand image and create a buzz about your organization
  • Get your alumni actively involved on campus
  • Recruit a broad range of majors
Participate regularly in Career Center activities
  • Volunteer for panels, programs and workshops
  • Meet and encourage prospective applicants at all events
  • Encourage your organization's Cal alumni to participate in events, such as the Career Connections Series
Collaborate with student organizations
  • Ask your alumni and interns for recommendations
  • Offer to speak to their group, co-sponsor an information session, or buy food for a group meeting
  • Consider sponsoring their organization; many clubs have a partnership program
Reach out to faculty
  • It’s not easy to get into the classrooms on our campus; relationships with faculty are often based on an academic or research focus
  • Leverage the relationships your Cal alumni and/or senior executives have with faculty to get an introduction
  • Be prepared to offer support for research or department initiatives

Tips for Hiring International Students

If you have questions about any of our services, please contact the Employer Relations Office at (510) 642-0464 or by email.


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