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Employer Services - On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Interviews

The Career Center coordinates on-campus interviews for all undergraduates and most graduate students, except for a few professional programs.  Refer to this page for a list of a recruiting contacts for specialized populations, including MBA and Law.

Monday, 5/9/22.  We are re-evaluating the program for Fall 2022 and will update this page by July 1.


OCR is a program where representatives from your organization visit the Career Center during the academic semesters to interview students for full-time positions and paid internships, primarily in private industry in the areas of investment banking, consulting, finance, accounting, engineering, and high tech.  Although the majority of students have returned to campus, interviews will be virtual for the 2021-22 season.  We hope to return to in person or a hybrid model for Fall 2022.

Fall OCR occurs from mid-September through mid-November and Spring OCR occurs from late January through the end of April. View the Academic & Recruiting calendar for exact dates.

We use the Handshake system to manage interviews.  Handshake is a fast and powerful recruiting platform for connecting with UC Berkeley students and alumni.

How OCR Works

  • Request a virtual interview date via Handshake
  • Your date will be approved within 2-3 business days
  • Add your job(s) in Handshake and attach them to your interview schedule
  • Students apply for jobs during a specified time period
  • Review resumes and select primary and alternate candidates
  • Enter interview links in Handshake
  • Email candidates with virtual interview instructions
  • Students sign up for slots via Handshake

The default timeline is as follows:

45 days before interviews or ASAP Add jobs in Handshake
45 days before interviews Application period opens
17 days before interviews Application period ends
13 days before interviews Selection process begins
8 days before interviews Preselect sign-ups begin
4 days before interviews Alternate sign-ups begin
4 days before interviews On-line sign-ups end






If you wish to customize any of these dates to align with your campus activities, e.g., extend the application deadline until after a career fair or information session, contact us.

Request an Interview Date

To request on-campus interview dates via Handshake:

Current Users: If you already have a Handshake account, request to connect with UC Berkeley and contact us to gain permission to request interview dates;

New Users: Go to the Handshake log in page to create an account.  This Handshake article provides step-by-step instructions.  Once your account has been approved, contact us to gain permission to request interview dates.

OCR Help

If you need assistance with managing your interview schedules, refer to these articles in the Handshake Help Center.  Contact Employer Relations if you need further assistance.

Virtual Interviews

Employers are responsible for creating their own virtual interview links in Handshake and notifying students.  The Career Center does not require that you use a specific platform.  When entering the link(s) in your schedule(s), choose one of the following:

  • Option 1: If all students will be interviewing via the same video link, add the virtual interview link and additional instructions to the Interview Schedule Description field.  This is ideal for a single interviewer using a waiting room within Zoom, for example.  What you enter in this field applies to the entire schedule and all students selected, not just to a specific slot.
  • Option 2: Add the virtual interview link to the Interviewer field for each schedule.  You can add a different link to specific slots or the same link to all slots on the schedule.  This solution offers the most flexibility for multiple interviewers.
  • Make sure to email interview candidates with your virtual interview instructions via the Applicants link from your schedule.

Here are some articles that will help you with virtual interviewing:

How to Conduct Virtual Interviews (Glassdoor)
7 Tips for Conducting a Seamless Video Job Interview (LinkedIn)
Hosting Virtual Interviews (Handshake)