Employer Services - Coffee Chats and Networking Events

Like an information session, coffee chats and networking events are additional ways for students to meet with company representatives and find out about jobs, internships, and company culture, although in a more informal venue.  For employers, it's a way to stay engaged on campus.  Please note that the Career Center does not allow alchoholic beverages to be served at any event on or off campus.

Coffee Chats

To schedule a coffee chat, you'll need to contact a local cafe and make all necessary arrangements.  Most of the time you cannot reserve space beforehand, but need to arrive early on the day of your coffee chat to scope out space.  For a successful coffee chat, we recommend that you:

  • Plan the coffee chat around other campus recruiting activities, such as your formal information session, interview dates, and career fairs;
  • Schedule the coffee chat between the hours of 12:00pm and 4:00pm;
  • Create an online sign up process where students sign up for 15-20 minute slots;
  • Notify the Career Center via Handshake so that we can advertise the coffee chat on our calendar;
  • Invite students directly via campus organizations.

Campus and Local Cafes

Cafe Milano - 510-664-3100
Caffe Strada - 510-843-5282
Cafe Durant - 510-841-9905
Cafe Think - 510-664-5053
Gold Bean Cafe - 510-529-4429
Musical Offering Cafe - 510-849-0211
Northside Cafe - 510-845-3663
Royal Ground Coffee House - 510-849-9888
Yali's Stanley Hall Cafe - 530-868-6839
Yali's Qualcomm Cafe - 530-868-6839

Local Map

Networking Events

Many employers host small, evening networking events, mixers, lunches, or invite only pre-nights for their interview candidates.  To schedule the event, you'll need to contact a local restaurant and make all necessary arrangements.  For a successful event, we recommend that you:

Local Restaurants

Comal - 510-926-6300
Cornerstone - 510-214-8600
Corso - 510-704-8004
Eureka! - 510-809-8282
Free House - 510-647-2300
Gather - 510-809-0400
Henry's - 510-809-4132
Jupiter - 510-843-8277
Raleigh's - 510-280-5319
Revival - 510-549-9950
Study Hall Rooftop Lounge - 510-982-0114
Triple Rock Brewing - 510-843-2739

Local Map