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Employer Services - Academic & Recruiting Calendar

Refer to the Fall 2021-22 academic and recruiting calendar below to help you plan your recruiting activities.  Fall 2021 recruiting will primarily be virtual.  For the most up-to-date information, check out our employer resources page.

The calendar is now open to schedule virtual preselect interview dates and to register for virtual career fairs and forums.

We will update this page and open the Spring 2022 calendar in early December.  For now, refer to the academic calendars provided by the Registrar.

In order to participate in campus recruiting, you must have a Handshake account.


Fall 2021 Academic & Recruiting Calendar

Aug 25: Instruction begins
Sept 1: Consulting Forum
Sept 2: Accounting & Professional Services Forum
Sept 6: Labor Day Holiday
Sept 8: EECS Career Fair - invite only  more info
Sept 9: EECS Internship Fair - invite only  more info
Sept 13: OCR interviews begin
Sept 15: Business & Non-Technical Career & Internship Fair (All Majors, Fall)
Sept 22: Biotech & Life Sciences Career Forum
Sept 23: Data & Analytics Career & Internship Fair
Sept 29: Engineering & Physical Sciences Career & Internship Fair (Fall)
Sept 30: Software & IT Career & Internship Fair
Oct 7: Public Service, Nonprofit, Health, & Education Career & Internship Fair
Oct 14: Masters & Phd Career Fair - for employers only
Oct 20: Graduate & Law School Fair (for Universities, Colleges & Professional Schools)
Oct 27: Fall Civil & Environmental Engineering Career Fair
Nov 11: Veterans Day Holiday
Nov 12: OCR Interviews End
Nov 24: Non-Instructional Day
Nov 25 - 26: Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 3: Classes End
Dec 6 - 10: Reading/Review/Recitation Week
Dec 13 - 17: Final Exams
Dec 17: Fall Semester Ends

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