Information Sessions at the Career Center - Available Dates

*If you are an Investment Bank or Consulting Firm, please first visit this page to request IB/Consulting info session dates before requesting your venue.

Booking Details

  • You will be reserving the space for 3 hours.
  • You can have access to the room one half hour before your session begins.
  • It's recommended that you schedule your info session at least 2 weeks in advance, as you need that much time to promote the event and ensure adequate attendance.

What Else Is Going On?

Fall 2019 Semester

Review the chart below for the dates/times available.  If you do not see the date you want, that means it's not available.  Click Request Dates Now at the bottom of this page to access the Google request form.  Complete a separate request for each event you wish to schedule. Updated 7/10/19

    Available Dates

Room Size Availability

Full - 100

Half - 50

Available Start Time
This is the earliest your session can begin. You can have access to the room 30 minutes before your session begins.  Sessions end at 9:00pm.
Thursday, 8/29/19 Full room 4:30pm
Tuesday, 9/3/19 Half room 6:30pm
Wednesday, 9/4/19 Half room 6:00pm
Thursday, 9/5/19 Full room 4:30pm
Monday, 9/9/19   NOT AVAILABLE
Tuesday, 9/10/19   NOT AVAILABLE
Wednesday, 9/11/19   NOT AVAILABLE
Thursday, 9/12/19 Half room 6:30pm
Monday, 9/16/19 Half room 4:30pm
Tuesday, 9/17/19   NOT AVAILABLE
Wednesday, 9/18/19   NOT AVAILABLE
Thursday, 9/19/19 Half room 7:00pm
Monday, 9/23/19   NOT AVAILABLE
Wednesday, 9/25/19   NOT AVAILABLE
Monday, 9/30/19 Full room 4:30pm
Tuesday, 10/1/19 Full room 7:30pm
Wednesday, 10/2/19 Full room 7:30pm
Monday, 10/7/19 Full room 4:30pm
Tuesday, 10/8/19   Half room, 4:30pm; Full room, 6:00pm
Wednesday, 10/9/18 Half room 7:30pm
Monday, 10/14/19 Full room 4:30pm
Tuesday, 10/15/19   NOT AVAILABLE
Thursday, 10/17/19   Half room, 4:30pm; Full room, 7:30pm
Monday, 10/21/19 Full room 4:30pm
Tuesday, 10/22/19 Half room 4:30pm
Monday, 10/28/19   NOT AVAILABLE
Tuesday, 10/29/19 Full room 4:30pm
Wednesday, 10/30/19 Half room 4:30pm
Thursday, 10/31/19 Full room 6:00pm
Monday, 11/4/19 Full room 4:30pm
Tuesday, 11/5/19 Half room 7:30pm
Tuesday, 11/12/19   Half room, 4:30pm; Full room, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 11/13/19 Full room 4:30pm
Thursday, 11/14/19 Full room 4:30pm
Monday, 11/18/19 Full room 4:30pm
Tuesday, 11/19/19 Full room 4:30pm
Wednesday, 11/20/19 Full room 4:30pm
Thursday, 11/21/19 Full room 4:30pm
Monday, 12/2/19 Full room 4:30pm
Tuesday, 12/3/19 Full room 4:30pm
Wednesday, 12/4/19 Full room 4:30pm
Thursday, 12/5/19 Full room 4:30pm

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