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Career Field - Communications

Career Information & Resources

Career Profiles and Guides

Occupational Outlook Handbook - A guide to career, labor market, salary and training information for media and communications-related occupations.

California Occupational Guides - Includes job descriptions, outlooks and wages, education, training, and related occupations.

Vault Guides - Insider's information about careers in this area. Features include "Day in the Life" career profiles, employee reviews of careers and companies, and detailed information about key employers in the field. Available through Callisto.

Career Center Collection - Career guides, directories, and other publications related to these career fields. Available in the Career Center.

Advertising & Public Relations - Current news and industry information about marketing, media and advertising.

ADWEEK - Current news and industry information for people working in advertising.

Council of Public Relations Firms - Industry news, events and issues, directory of PR firms, case studies, “PR Quickstart” Web-based industry training program designed for those new to PR, and other resources.

Career Overview: Public Relations - Public Relations career, job and training information.

Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing - What's the Difference? - Quick rundown of these three fields, how they’re related and the differences between them.

Journalism, Publishing, Literary and Technical Writing - About Publishing - Overview of the publishing industry; descriptions of the types of work performed within publishing. - (click on Resources) Career articles and other helpful information for people interested in journalism and media.

MPA/Association of Magazine Media - Offers Industry news, career resources and professional development event information for the magazine media industry.

Poets and Writers - Resources for literary writers' professional development including a directory of places which host readings, funding, publishing advice and more.

Writer's Digest - Tips and information on how to get published in magazines and books.

Event Planning & Hospitality

Meeting Professionals International - Industry news and resources for meeting professionals.

Student & Professional Organizations

Participating in these groups can be a valuable avenue for learning about an occupation or field. They are an excellent resource for networking, and their websites often have information about careers.

Cal Student Organizations

Student organizations related to this field include:

Other Student Organizations - List of UC Berkeley student organizations registered with Campus Life and Leadership.

Professional Organizations

Internship Listing Sites

Internship Listing Sites - Websites, programs, and other resources for internships in this career area. For listings specifically for Cal students, visit Callisto - the official Career Center job and internship listing site.

Job Listing Sites

Job Listing Sites - Websites specializing in job listings for this particular career field. For listings specifically for Cal students, visit Callisto - the official Career Center job and internship listing site.

This page contains links to websites not under the control of the University or the Career Center and we are not responsible for their contents. We'd like to hear your comments about these sites; feel free to contact us.

On the recommendation of our counseling staff, the Career Center lists job and career information sites that generally meet the following criteria: are of interest to Cal students, easily navigated, require no fee or registration prior to viewing, and (for job sites) list a significant number of entry-level positions in California. New sites may be submitted for consideration and are typically reviewed on an annual basis. Please indicate the page on our site where you think your link would be appropriate.

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