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Request Callisto Courtesy Account

For Staff & Faculty

As of 5/16/2011, this Callisto Courtesy Account for Staff and Faculty has changed to conform to the new Callisto log in process. All previous and new users must complete/submit the Account User Agreement below for access to this updated account.

The Career Center offers campus staff and faculty a single courtesy account for access to Callisto, the gateway to almost all online Career Center services and event sign-ups. This account is intended to provide you the most useful Career Center information for advising your students - job listings, on-campus recruiting, programs, workshops, info sessions and career/grad school fairs.

To gain access, you must first complete and submit the new Callisto Courtesy Account User Agreement noted below. Non-exclusive access will be granted and renewed each academic year. Only one account will be used by multiple campus staff members.

Once we receive your completed User Agreement, we will provide you the courtesy account access information.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy McFarland at (510) 642-0464 or by email.

Nancy McFarland
Asst. Dtr., Employer Relations & Recruiting

Callisto Courtesy Account User Agreement

The Career Center provides designated campus staff access to the Callisto Courtesy Account under the following terms and conditions.

Users of the Callisto Courtesy Account understand that they will:

  1. access the account for student advising purposes only;
  2. not release the account username and password to any other persons or reset the password at any time;
  3. maintain the integrity of the account, i.e., not change any account information;
  4. lose access privileges if they fail to uphold this user agreement.

Access to the Callisto courtesy account is valid through the end of May. You will need to reapply and update this user agreement to gain access each academic year.

All fields are required.

*Your Name:
*Your Department:
*Your Campus Phone Number:
*Your Campus Email:
*Re-enter your Campus Email:
*I agree to the terms and conditions outlined above for access to the Callisto Courtesy Account.
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