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Resume Books

The Career Center offers Resume Books as another job search resource for active job seekers.

The Resume Books focus on very broad career fields and summer or full-time employment. Books may also have certain restrictions that will limit resume submissions to a certain timeframe or even a certain pool of candidates. Review the Resume Book descriptions in Callisto carefully for full details before submitting your resume.

By submitting your resume into any Opt-in Resume Book(s), you are authorizing the Career Center to include your resume in the selected Resume Book(s) when released to employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Resume Book? How do employers use them?

Resume Books are another job search tool that enables active job seekers to circulate their resumes to potential employers. By including your resume in a Resume Book, you are allowing interested employers to view your resume and contact you directly about jobs openings, information sessions, or interviews.

Employers sign up for Resume Book access and then manage each Resume Book online. They can view and download resumes, sort candidate lists by certain majors and graduation dates, and even do resume keyword searches. This helps them identify candidates for follow-up.

Iíve already submitted my resumes for OCR jobs. Is this the same thing?

No, Resume Books provide you with another opportunity to market yourself to employers who may or may not be interviewing on campus or attending career fairs. Employers use this resource to solicit your interest in new job prospects that you may not have considered.

How do I view the Resume Books and submit my resume?

  1. Log into Callisto and select Resume Books under Shortcuts.
  2. Now identify a particular resume, and then click on the Select Resume Books button.
  3. Next, view descriptions for current Resume Books by clicking on the links to the right.
  4. Submit this selected resume by clicking on the Resume Book Name(s) under "Target Opt-in Resume Book" below. You may select more than one Resume Book, if available. Then click Submit.
  5. You can submit different resumes into other Resume Books (into maximum of 4 books, if available).
  6. To remove a resume from a particular Resume Book, deselect that book title under the "Target..." field below, and then Submit the change.

I have multiple resumes. Which resume should I submit?

You can choose to use one of the resumes that youíve already uploaded into your Callisto account, or add a new one (up to your 10 documents limit).

Submit the one customized resume that markets you most effectively for that particular Resume Book. You may want to include a clearly stated objective and/or relevant course list, especially if you have limited experience or if your major is not clearly related to the Resume Booksí focus (see next question).

Only submit a resume to a particular Resume Book if you are genuinely interested and available for employment.

If Iím an Engineering major, can I still submit my resume into the Business Careers Resume Book?

Yes, there are no restrictions by major for some Resume Books. However, you should be genuinely interested in a business-related career, such as management consulting, investment banking, financial services, general management, human resources, accounting/finance, retail, etc., to include your resume in the Business Careers Resume Book.

Conversely, a Business or L&S major might want to submit his/her resume into a technical Resume Book, e.g., if especially qualified for and/or interested in computer science or IT careers.

In both cases, you may want to include a clearly stated objective and/or relevant course list on your resume to support your special career interest. Employers will then better understand your submission for that particular Resume Book and potentially be more willing to consider you as a viable candidate.

I found a job after I submitted my resume to a Resume Book. Can I withdraw my resume from the Resume Book?

Yes, you can withdraw your resume from a Resume Book.

  1. Log into Callisto and select Resume Books under Shortcuts.
  2. Identify the resume and Resume Book you want to remove and then click on the Select Resume Books button.
  3. Deselect that book title under the "Target..." field, and then Submit the change.

What if an employer contacts me about something thatís really not job-related?

Contact the Employer Relations staff immediately at (510) 642-0464 or by email with details. Refer to the Career Center Employer Policy and the Employersí Resume Book User Agreement.

Still have more questions about Resume Books? Contact us at (510) 642-0464 or by email.

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