Interview Attire

In an effort to clarify employer expectations regarding appropriate interview attire, the Career Center has identified the following categories:


This more traditional, conservative approach (e.g., business suit or blazer, tie and dress slacks for men; business suit, pantsuit or jacket and dress for women) may vary by employer or industry.

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Business Casual

This trend is more relaxed and comfortable, but demonstrating good judgment in choices and displaying a neat appearance (e.g., polo shirt, shirt with a collar or sweater, khakis or other slacks, dress or casual leather shoes for men and women; moderate length dress or skirt for women).

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Campus Casual

This includes jeans, t-shirts or tank tops, sweatshirts/pants, athletic shoes, hiking boots or sandals, etc.


If an employer does not communicate their dress requirements prior to interviews (e.g., via an email or at a pre-interview information session), please err on the conservative side and dress in professional business attire.


NOTE: The websites or photos used here merely provide illustrations of the different styles of dress mentioned. The Career Center is in no way exclusively recommending these retailers or their fashions for purchase.