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Access Career Center | Alumni Services 

Whether you are a job seeker or a recruiter interested in connecting with Cal students and recent Cal alumni, the Career Center has a variety of services available to you. 

For more information about access and eligibility, please review our Services for Alumni page. mm

New Alumni
  • Recent alumni  will keep the same access to Career Services that they had as a student

  • This includes access to all Career Center services including Handshake, the career platform exclusively for Berkeley students and eligible Cal alumni, to apply for jobs/internships, attend events/workshops, and participate in (OCR) On-Campus Recruiting.

  • Access Career Advising via Handshake.

Experienced Alumni

Eligibility and Accessibility Issues
  • If you just graduated and/or within five years of your graduation month and cannot access Handshake, you must complete the Alumni Services Request Form to continue your access. For any questions regarding Handshake access/login issues, please email cclogin@berkeley.edu and include your full name and SID#.
  • As you approach the end of your five-year eligibility window, please be sure to download any documents and/or other job search-related information that you would like to retain from your Handshake account.
  • If you are an Alum with an existing Letter Service account: The Letter Service has closed but can assist you with the transfer of your letters to another letter service provider. Get more details here.

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Career Connections Treks | Company Site Visits - Currently On Hold

Career Connections Treks | Company Site Visits - Currently On Hold

Are you a local organization seeking a creative and engaging way to build your campus brand? You may be able to host a group of Cal students at your employment office for an event at your company. Activities include: a tour, networking with Cal alumni employees, and an interactive presentation that highlights your industry and career options.  This year we are exclusively partnering with New Student Services to offer company visits in August for transfer students during Golden Bear Orientation. 

We will begin to solicit interest in January 2020 on our volunteer interest form. The Company Visits to host new transfer students at your organization will be in August 2020.