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Services for Alumni

The Career Center’s Alumni Services are free for Cal Grads 5 years post-graduation

Increased support by campus has allowed the Career Center to extend services to recent alums after graduation. To be eligible for Alumni Services at the Career Center, you must have graduated from UC Berkeley within the last five years, starting from your graduation month.

New alumni: New alumni will have ongoing access to all services for the immediate twelve months following graduation in May/August/December.

Alumni two to five years post-graduation:  Alumni who have graduated prior to and including May 2019 will continue to have access to all services except for 1:1 counseling.

After five years from graduation month:   You are no longer eligible.  Our services are designed to meet the needs of current students and recent graduates. Alumni who are more than five years out are better served utilizing other career resources designed to serve individuals who are beyond their initial employment experience. You can view some of these options on our Career Services Available to the Public page including links to the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) Career Services and the Tang Center’s Career Counseling Library.

If you just graduated and/or within five years of your graduation month and cannot access Handshake, you must complete the Alumni Services Request Form to continue your access.  For any questions regarding Handshake access, please email cclogin@berkeley.edu and include your full name and SID#.

Please be sure to login to your Handshake before your eligibility expires if there are any documents and/or other job search-related information that you would like to retain. Any login questions can be directed to cclogin@berkeley.edu.

If you are an Alumni with an existing Letter Service account: The Letter Service has closed but can assist you with the transfer of your letters to another letter service provider. More details are available at this link:   https://career.berkeley.edu/Letter/ServiceRetire




Workshops & Programs

  • On-campus workshop sessions, panels, and specialized programs to meet your particular needs for career or graduate school planning including: resume writing, preparing for interviews, writing a statement of purpose, learning professional etiquette, and more. For more information and to RSVP for workshops and programs, you will need to sign in to Handshake.

Career Counseling

Considering Graduate or Professional School?

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