Alumni Advantage

New! Beginning August, 1, 2018

All UC Berkeley alumni are eligible for our Alumni Advantage program. Please see below for services provided:

  • Any graduate signing up for Alumni Advantage who is within 1 year of the date they graduated, is eligible for all services, including access to Handshake, Letter Service, attendance at events sponsored by the Career Center, as well as career counseling.
  • If you graduated more than 1 year from the time you sign up for Alumni Advantage, you are eligible for all services and attendance access mentioned above, except career counseling.

An Alumni Advantage package is $150 for one year (12 months from time of payment). Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and are not pro-rated. The Career Center reserves the right to place reasonable limitations on the number of appointments members will be allowed. Alumni from other University of California campuses are also eligible as outlined above (except for On-Campus Recruiting).

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Please note: Alumni Advantage is a Career Center program, and is separate from membership with the Cal Alumni Association (CAA).

What You Get with Alumni Advantage


  • Access to Handshake, the Career Center's searchable, password-protected listing site, where jobs in California and nationwide are posted exclusively for Berkeley students and Alumni Advantage participants; also includes access to On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) - UC Berkeley alumni only.
  • Admission to Career Fairs & other Employer Events

Workshops & Programs

  • On-campus workshop sessions, panels, and specialized programs to meet your particular needs for career or graduate school planning including: resume writing, preparing for interviews, writing a statement of purpose, learning professional etiquette, and more. For more information and to RSVP for workshops and programs, you will need to sign in to Handshake.

Career Counseling

Letter Service Online

  • New file setup or reactivation of your file with our Letter Service, which collects and sends letters of recommendation to educational institutions / organizations to support your academic and career goals, including graduate/professional school admissions and academic employment.

Considering Graduate or Professional School?

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