Alumni Services - Using the Letter Service

Alumni who wish to use the Letter Service have the following options:


If you already have a Letter Service file, but you've graduated or your Alumni Advantage membership has expired, you can reactivate your Letter Service account as follows:

  • Login to the Letter Service, select the "UC Alumni Reactivation" link and follow the instructions on making payment and reactivation. Once you reactivate, you will also have access to our Career Center alumni services for one year.

"One-Time-Send" Service

If you already have a Letter Service file, want to send out letters but don’t need access to the other Alumni Advantage services, you don’t have to pay our reactivation fee. Our One-Time-Send service allows you to send out letters but you must pay the increased costs. This option is designed for those who plan to send letters to only one to three schools.

  • Login to the Letter Service. You will be able to view; prints forms and add or update letters. However, when you make a request to forward any letters to a school, you will be automatically directed to the One-Time-Send request page and be charged the increased costs.
  • Read more about One-Time-Sends.

Open a New File

If you've never had a Letter Service file before, you need to:

  1. Purchase an Alumni Advantage membership.
  2. Read the Letter Service policies and procedures.
  3. Open a New File.


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